[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #94 : Preeti Sudan Board, Bihar Home State, Hindi literature Optional, Bhojpuri folk songs Hobby

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Date of Interview: 16 Feb, morning
Board: Preeti Sudan
Board: Hindi literature
Home State: Bihar
College: VKSU
Hobbies: Bhojpuri folk songs
Your experience in interview-it was very calm and co-operative, they were very humble and simple, No major ques from daf
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-confidence ke liye thik hai


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. what is black money
  3. If anyone earns money from illegal gambling and he is paying tax, could we say it black money
  4. need of border forces, name ,
  5. If we have army to save our territory than why we need border forces

Member 1

  1. If have mistakely told spg in previous ans, i said sorry here when they asked
  2. question of international hindi conf. in fizzi

Member 2

  1. question on student politics, should we continue it
  2. sdg goal and target, are all target have same deadline
  3. name of long term strategy
  4. is history rewriting is good and many quetsions
  5. name freedom fighter from north eastern states

Member 3

  1. need of long term policy and their role
  2. many facts , i said sorry
  3. vksu establishment

Member 4

  1. name border’s neighbours of India
  2. all border’s states of india
  3. Vibrant village programme
  4. actually I have guessed in last ans, so mam told me to make a strategy to build these village


CP- from when you are living in delhi
what is per month cost
if you have any question to ask plz ask from us
thank you, you can go now
almost 40 ℅of my interview was on fact and very few questions were from daf and very few scope to drive your interview… so, plz keep kalm while you go for interview and never expect about questions

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