[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #99 : RN Choubey Board, PSIR Optional, Tamil Nadu Home State

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Date of Interview: 15.02.2023
Board: RN Choubey sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Tamil Nadu
Work Experience: ICMR, EPFO (No Questions)
Background: Chemical Engineering.

After greeting chairperson and other formalities, Choubey sir (as usual) mentioned that this is just a conversation, they are not scary people and asked repeatedly if I was comfortable. Thanked him and said I was.


  1. Tell us about your academic record and work experience. (Some confusion here as I had only recently joined EPFO and it was not mentioned in my DAF.
  2. He was satisfied after I clarified it to him).
  3. Long monologue about interstate riverwater linking. Asked whether jurisdiction over interstate rivers should be handed over to centre.

Member 1

  1. Can you tell me the difference between GST and VAT?
  2. Why was there an urgency to implement GST (Gave a long monologue about how it was a drastic change etc etc).
  3. So, is VAT still being levied or not?
  4. What is your service preference?
  5. Who is the appointing authority for civil servants?
    Maybe one other question that I am unable to recall.

Member 2

  1. Can you tell me about B1 – Lancer?
  2. Tell me about ‘inferred deposits’
  3. What do you mean by national integration? (Follow-up to an answer I gave to M1 about need for GST)

Member 3

  1. So, you are a chemical engineer. How would you handle toxicity in a substance?
  2. What about bacterial agents? (Apologized, mentioned bioremediation – he seemed satisfied).
  3. Is DDT good for public health? (Discussion ensued and he gave me some info I was not aware of.)
  4. So, you like science fiction? Do you think Science Fiction is just fiction or is it wild fantasies?

Member 4

  1. So, you are a PSIR optional person. Can you tell me about ‘area studies’?
  2. Can you tell me what is “Eagle 44” (Random change of topic) (I was not aware of this)
  3. Can you tell me what Operation Arhaar (?) is?
  4. Okay, tell me about cryptocurrency and its implications.
  5. Tell me about demonetization and its implications.

Chairperson: Okay, your interview is over now. You can ask us anything.

Utility of mocks – I felt NextIAS was closer to the mark with respect to Choubey board. Vajirao was also somewhat similar in terms of current affairs asked. Overall, with this board prepare current affairs carefully as well as jump at any opportunity to show values and personality.

One on One with Republic IAS (Chennai – based institute) – found it very useful for tackling questions related to hobby especially choice based questions. Found it very good for building up confidence to tackle value based questions + to project one’s personality in GS based questions. Would recommend to anyone in Chennai and outside as well

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