[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #118: lt. Gen Raj Shukla Sir Board, Public Administration Optional, Bihar Home State, Chess Hobby

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Date of Interview: 05/02/2024
Board: lt. Gen Raj Shukla Sir
Optional: Public Administration
Home State: Bihar
Daf pointers: Hindi medium, Mba, Optional -Public Administration, Bihar, Chess, Stock market, Stand up comedy


  1. What are you doing these days?
  2. College specific question.
  3. What is the situation of democracy in Pakistan.
  4. In your opinion in which year Pakistan had conducted a fair election.
  5. America a proponent of democracy is also facing issues in this regard. What is your stand.
  6. Why there is a new trend in world in terms of democracy and elections.

Member 1

  1. Why do you think Indian stock market is performing good?
  2. Can you compare it with gold investment?
  3. Where should I invest, any suggestions.

Member 2

  1. What is your work experience. Share your learnings.
  2. Favourite mathematician and why?
  3. How organising a marathon will help educate a city on environmental concerns.
  4. Any other measures you took during your college days.

Member 3

  1. What is your perception of Bihar.
  2. What will you suggest to do a perception manegement of Bihar.
  3. On what level, change in society is required.
  4. What unique is being done by Bihar govt in this regard.

Member 4

  1. How will you relate your graduation, post graduation and optional subject(all 3 are different subjects)
  2. Why so much variety in your interest.
  3. Environmental concerns in current world.
  4. What steps are being taken at world level.
  5. COP 28 impact
  6. How India can initiate a change at global level to make developed nation contribute more towards it.
  7. AI is being seen as solution for almost every problem. How do you think it can help in solving environmental problem.
  8. In your previous answer, you talked about negative impact of AI, and now so much postive. Why this contradiction!
  9. Is Indian stock market is still dependent on FII.
  10. Why retail investor numbers is rising like anything?


Your interview is over.

Your assessment of the board/your performance: Felt like a discussion. Not so much cross question. And, never close to mock interview like condition.

But mocks helped me to stay confident while answering the questions.

Samkalp, Chankya Mandal and Vajirao mocks were relevant to actual interview.

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