[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #125: Suman Sharma maam Board, Medical Science Optional, Bihar Home State

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Date of Interview: 14/02/2023 – Forenoon (1st to go)
Board: Suman Sharma maam
Graduation: MBBS (AIIMS Patna)
Optional: Medical Science
Home State: Bihar
DAF- Bihar, Financial Literacy, Financial Planning & Investment Management

Time – 30 mins


1. Caste Survey of Bihar- Advantage, Disadvantage
2. How caste survey will help in up liftment of lower sections of society?
3. Have you heard of Masala Bond- How it will benefit investors and issuer
4. Why big tech companies are opening their branch in foreign countries specifically in Mexico? ( I told don’t know specific about Mexico)
5. Role of biology and hormones in happiness

Member 1

1. Bihar was growing at fast pace till 1970, what happened later?
2. How will you resolve the issue of mafia and corruption? (Some cross question)
3. Bihar has been divided into two states. How are both states doing?
4. Which one is better- smaller or larger states?

Member 2

1. How will financial planning will help you in administration?
2. How will this help you in increasing financial literacy in your district or organization?
3. NJAC Verdict- Why SC struck down?
4. Which provision of basic structure of constitution will NJAC violate?
5. Metabolic disorder like diabetes is increasing. What needs to be done for this?

Member 3

1. Doctor:Population ratio of India & Bihar
2. Reasons for low ratio and what will you do to increase it?
3. Name some medical implants which will you use in patient care.
4. Why is India lacking in manufacturing of Medical Device?
5. You are a doctor, if some company directly come to you and ask you to use their device. Will you use that?
6. What steps you will take or what are the mechanisms to ensure safety of medical device?

Member 4

  1. Who is Hippocrates and What is Hippocratic oath?
  2. Are doctors abiding to these oath in their practice?
  3. Doctors-Pharmacist nexus is increasing worldwide. How will you reduce it? Practical steps along with government measures
  4. Today is Valentine’s day. What is its history and how do you see love as a factor in society?

Chairperson Maam: Thank you, your interview is over.

Experience- Board was cordial, no grilling. All the members were listening attentively and maam was observing me throughout and smiling.

Mocks- Chahal, Vajirao, Vision
O2O- Ravindran Sir

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