[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #95: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Sir Board, Bihar Home State,

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Date of Interview: 02/2/24 forenoon
Board: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Sir
Home State: Bihar
Hobby: cooking
Time Approx: 30 to 35 minutes

daf-based discussion and opinion based.

keywords in DAF- Revenue officer in Bihar, Nalanda, cooking, Maglev.


  1. You have done masters in socio, ok..Are you working?
  2. You belong to nalanda, tell me about nalanda University and the new one?How is it doing? Can it achieve the legacy and reach of ancient nalanda University?? What it takes to become an institution of that stature?
  3. Who is the chairman of Nalanda University? & He recently got a new job in his hand?
  4. What about student politics in universities? What’s ur opinion on that?
  5. Why universities across the world are seeing a rebellious attitude in its students?
  6. Are you aware of these kind of happenings in Harvard and Oxford University?
  7. What do you think why intellectuals are not getting that much of respect today which they used to get earlier?
  8. We have had leaders like Zakir Hussain and other educationists,what happened in between that we lost the track,Why we don’t get to see those kind of leaders today?

Member 1

  1. Tell me about Bihar’s RTPS service?it started very well, Why it succeeded in bihar and not in other states?
  2. Then why in past few years,it is not doing that good? What went wrong?
  3. why panchayati raj system there is not working that effectively?
  4. Why govt’s has not devolved more  power to it? What needs to be done?
  5. We have heard about panchayat sarkar bhawan?Why they are so low in numbers in bihar? & How it’s functioning now? Is this really working or they are just another govt. buildings?
  6. what about jeevika mission? Why this jeevika mission particularly succeeded in a state like bihar and other SHG- related efforts have not worked well earlier?
  7. Do u really think good officers can make an impact(as I have mentioned Rahul Kumar sir,IAS,Mission director of Jeevika in Bihar).
  8. What values of a CS is required especially in a state like bihar?

Member 2

  1. what is all included in land records? tell me about land record digitization efforts? Has it really helped in reducing the land related disputes?
  2. Land records were in good shape right from Gupta’s to even medieval india? What has happened after that? Why land records in bihar is in bad condition?
  3. what led to this? While u have states like UP,RJ where land records are not in that bad conditions?
  4. if it’s about Permanent settlement,then it should have happened in areas of mahalwari and ryotwari as well?
  5. How digitization will help in correcting those mistakes?
  6. As you have mentioned cooking as one of your hobbies,any local cuisine that u make? Apart from litti and chhokha? Do you know about Dhuska?tell me the recipe?

Member 3

  1. Since you have been working for more than 2 years in GOB,Tell me one proud moment of your service where you have done something about which you feel really good?
  2. What’s the criteria?How do you actually cross check and verify those eligibles? and make sure that  they are not illegal immigrants otherwise it may lead to a demographic issue.
  3. how many families have been benefitted? How many more are to be given?
  4. Are you aware of the fact that in many states, properties that are being gifted to women do not charge registry fee?is there any similar provisions in bihar?

Member 4

  1. You have done graduation in 2016,and then PG in 2019-20 from IGNOU.plz clarify this to me what were u doing in between? Why did you opted for MA in socio esp when you have done graduation in Mechanical engineering?
  2. What is maglev?Name few countries that have been successfully running Magnetic levitation trains?
  3. What’s the technology behind this maglev? How it runs?
  4. Don’t u think they are far ahead of us? Have we missed the bus?
  5. And when will we able to travel in those kind of HSRs or will it remain a day dream?
  6. Do we have that much of resources?Do we really need bullet trains? considering the socio economic conditions?
  7. 7.What do u think about freedom of press in India? On one hand India is ranked so low in Press freedom index,on another hand we see in our news channels that people are saying anything about anyone?
  8. Earlier we used to see news anchors presenting news calmly based on facts, Today we see anchors are shouting,creating sensationalism.What went wrong?

How to control it? But if govt starts controlling it then people will say that govt is putting restrictions on free media. What’s ur take?

Board was very cordial.


Edsaarthi Utkarsh sir and Bassi sir(Next IAS)


Next IAS,PWOnlyIAS and two mocks at Hamdard study circle.

All were good especially the one on one session with utkarsh sir.

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