UPSC Interview Transcript : Arvind Saxena Board, IIT, IIM, 10+ yrs in consulting, analytics

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Board: Arvind Saxena
Duration: 40 mins
Date: 20th Apr
Profile: IIT, IIM, 10+ yrs in consulting, analytics


1. IIT and then IIM and now IAS. Why
– Answered. Focus more reverse of brain-draina and giving back to society
2. 30k in first job, 1.5L second job due to MBA. How MBA helps in getting higher CTC. Compare course ( + MBA – 5 yrs) with MBA (2 yrs)
– Focused on multi-dimensions issues of a problem, alumni networking, brand name etc.
3. Is Universe finite or infinite
– Answered
4. How would you explain difference between Algebra and Calculus to a layman
– Answered
4. Indo – Nepal Relations
– Answered
5. Which newspaper do you read
– Answered
6. Name few authors of Op-ed in ToI
– Could answer only 2

Member 1

1. As a consultant, how Govt client different from private sector ones. Challenges and Solutions
– Answered
2. How below average work impact consulting agencies and how to cope it
– Answered
3. How GST will ensure compliance
– Answered. Value addition, input credit etc. at each stage
4. India trade policy
– Answered. Target of $900M, MEIS, SEIS, Credits, Merchant profile etc.
5. Quizing on Indirect taxation system in India: How VAT differnt from GST, DDB, EPCG, Dumping etc.
– Answered
6. What is SEZ. Examples of SEZ. How to re-invigorate SEZ, why no SEZ in ghaziabad, faridabad etc. Why MAT,
– Answered

Member 2

1. Foreign policies of India
– Answered. NAM, Panchsheel, Gujral doctrine, now focus more on economic and technical colloboration
2. Lifi, IoT
– Answered
3. How Mathematics relevant in Administration
– Answered. Example of Maths papers in Canadian civil services
4. Usage of analytics in Administration
– Answered. Law & Order, Healthcare, Education, Radicalization etc.
5. Name 5 Ramsar sites
– Answered
6. Tell me the details of Govt advertisement on Gurgaon
– Sorry, did not see any such ad today in newspaper

Member 3

1. Problems India facing and its solution
– Answered
2. Why youths committing suicides and solutions
– Answered. Peer/ Parent pressure, self-praising (social media) etc.
3. Your SWOT
– Answered
4. What additional changes will you suggest in Lokayukta bill
– Answered
5. What is problem Kashmir facing now and solution
– – Answered Partially, focused on unemployement, wrong guidance by separatists etc.
6. Solution for India – Pak and Indo-China issues
– Answered. First dialoure, offensive defensive doctrine.

Member 4

1. Communications medium of Police
– Answered. 100, PCR, Himmary App
2. Why Delhi Govt wants Delhi police & solution
– Answered
3. Why Delhi Govt want full statehood & Solution
– Answered
4. Police Reform, Election Reform, Political Reforms (recent changes)
– Answered
5. Was BRT a failure ? What could have been done to make it successgful
– Answered. Weak institutional infra, lack of coordination between DITS and police
6. What is unauthorized colonies. How many (Number). What is the solution to such colonies
– Answered

Board was indifferent except lady members ( I tried to impressed them with my cooking hobby though). Fumbled a bit in foreign policy question rest of time, a smooth conversation.

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