UPSC Mains 2017 Sociology Optional Test 2 : Mains Marathon

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Friends, Here is the 2nd Mains Marathon Sociology Optional Test.

Sociology Optional Study Plan Mains Marathon

Below is the Test:

Topics: Sociological Thinkers

Time: 1.5 hours

  • 10 questions
  • Questions include both 20 and 10 markers
  • Questions have been jumbled up to facilitate smart time management
  • Intermixing of Paper 1 and Paper 2 topics given the dynamic nature of questions in recent past
  • 1 application-based question
  • 1 question from current affairs (Sociological analysis)

1. “Varna System has become an ideal type.” Examine the statement in the light of Max Weber’s theory of ideal types. 10 Marks 2. Write a short note with Sociological perspective on the amended Maternity Benefit Act, 2017. 10 Marks 3. Automation and the consequent job loss in IT sector have been in news recently. To what extent is the impact of automation concomitant with Marx’s theory of Mode of Production, Alienation and Class struggle? 20 Marks 4. Countries that open up their economy for trade and commerce witness a change in their socio-cultural ecosystem. Elucidate with reference to Marx’s theory of Mode of Production and M.N Srinivas’ theory of Westernisation. 20 Marks 5. Suicide is often seen as an individual act related to psychological state of an individual. With reference to social fact, explain how Durkheim succeeded in bringing Suicide under the realm of Sociology. 20 Marks. 6. In Weber’s view, capitalism was an unanticipated consequence of the Protestant ethic. Examine. 10 Marks 7. Why, in the view of Durkheim, there can be no conflict between religion and science? 10 Marks 8. Define Parsons’ pattern variables. Briefly explain the different types of pattern variable with examples related to UPSC CSE preparation. 20 Marks 9. How would you apply Mead’s concept of ‘self and identity’ to explain the trend of educated youths joining terrorist organizations. 20 Marks 10. Merton’s concept of deviance has latent function(s). Explain briefly with an example. 10 Marks

[Offbeat questions for conceptual clarity]

1. How would you explain the concept of Parsons’ social system to a layman? 2. Given below are different types of social behaviour. State in the line given below each sentence, the pattern-variable to which it belongs. [IGNOU] a) A school teacher giving extra marks to her own child. b) A policeman shooting his brother who is running away after looting a bank. c) The son of a millionaire working as a clerk in his father’s company. d) The daughter of a clerk getting the job of the Director in an organisation through her merit. e) The saleswoman gives the change of money to a client. f) The exchange of notes and gossip between two friends.

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