UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Questions – Test 6

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Test 6 : Anthropology Optional Mains Marathon



1. Write a short note on biological theories on demography.

2. Write a short notes on Kinanthropometry.

3. What is forensic anthropology? Explain various aspects of personal identification using this technique.

4. Explain the importance of Genetic Screening and Genetic counselling in various disorders with examples.

5. Write an essay on applied anthropology in modern day medicine.

6. Distinguish between fertility and fecundity. Explain various factors influencing fertility patters in a society.

7. Explain concept of demographic transition. Explain how anthropology could be used in population control in India.

8. What are the various applications of anthropology in Defence and war? Explain giving different examples.

9. Write a short notes on Gene Therapy. What are the various applications of gene therapy today?

10. Define applied anthropology. Write a short notes on importance of anthropology for current day society.

11. What do you understand by the term new physical anthropology? What are different areas of applications of anthropometric data?

12. Anthropology is cornerstone for applied genetics in modern medicine. Comment.

13. Explain various approaches of paternity diagnosis using anthropological data.

14. Write a short notes on the following terms:
a) Eugenics.
b) Euthenics.

15. Evaluate the role of Serogenetics & Cytogenetics in reproductive biology.

16. Explain concept of Menarche and Menopause along with different sociocultural factors affecting them.

17. What is recombinant DNA technology? Explain various applications of rDNA today.

18. Write a short notes on Nutritional anthropology.

19. Explain in detail about the concept and relevance of human genome project.

20.Define the term race. Explain in detail various applied aspects of anthropology in dealing with racism as a social concept.

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