Must Read News Articles – August 24

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Understanding work: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Global Commission on the Future of Work, established on Monday, has a critical role in addressing the decent jobs deficit that affects the lives of roughly three billion working people.

Social issues

Why India fails to deliver health and education: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Weak electoral demand and weak state capacity result in poor government provision of basic services such as public health and quality education.

SC: liquor sale ban does not extend to municipal areas: (The Hindu)

The Supreme Court has clarified that its nationwide ban on sale of liquor within a distance of 500 metres along National and State Highways does not extend to municipal areas.

Understanding context of SC ruling on triple talaq: Divorce rate of Muslim women is thrice that of men: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Among Muslim women, the largest percentage of divorces take place in the age group 20-34 (43.9%), in which only 24% of the total Muslim female population lies.


Government policies

OBC list to be sub-categorised: (The Hindu)

In a move that could have a far-reaching political and social impact, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal to set up a commission which will examine the issue of sub-categorisation of the Other Backward Classes (OBC).

It’s a day of reckoning for Aadhaar: (The Hindu)

Immediate effect of SC judgment on privacy will be felt on the government’s UID scheme.

Two cheers for the Supreme Court: (The Hindu, Editorial)

While a significant victory, even the majority opinions in the triple talaq verdict were along narrow pathways.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

The Trump discontinuity: (The Hindu)

His new Afghan strategy could be a game-changer for South Asia. There is an opportunity for India.


Effects of developed and developing countries policies

New mechanism to spur PSB mergers: (The Hindu)

Paving the way for quicker consolidation among public sector banks, the Cabinet approved ‘in-principle’ the constitution of an alternative mechanism, likely to be a ministerial group, that will oversee the proposals for mergers among banks.

‘GST may hit natural rubber prices hard’: (The Hindu)

With lack of demand from micro and small industries due to ambiguity on Goods and Services Tax (GST), prices of natural rubber are likely to decline in the coming months.

A BIT of critique: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Srikrishna committee has lost an opportunity to push for the recalibration of the Indian BIT regime.

Tax, in the bigger picture: (Indian Express, Editorial)

GST avoids the challenge of shifting to a higher proportion of direct taxes.

Prelims Related News

Moss serves as a cheap pollution monitor:

The bioindicator responds to pollution by changing shape, density or disappearing, allowing scientists to calculate atmospheric alterations.


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