UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Questions – Test 7

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Test 7 : Anthropology Optional Mains Marathon



1. Write a short note on the importance of Ramapithecus fossil discovery to study of Indian archelogy.

2. Discuss the various characteristics of evolution of Neolithic cultures in India with 3 different sites as examples.

3. Write a short notes on Soan culture.

4. Explain the evolution of archaeological anthropology in India with significant findings.

5. What do you mean by Pre historic culture? Explain various contributions of tribal cultures to the Indian civilization.

6. Explain various fossil features of Sivapithecus specimen. Mention the importance of the findings in evolution of archaeological anthropology in India.

7. Write a short note on development of Iron civilization with a focus on northern India.

8. Explain the archaeological significance of Narmada basin in study of Indian history.

9. Explain the spread and characteristics of Chalcolithic cultures in India.

10. Explain the evolution and significance of Paleolithic art in India with examples.

11. Discuss different linguistic elements in the Indian population.

12. What do you mean by demographic transition? Explain different anthropological findings in the study of population growth of India.

13. Explain the evolution and tool typologies in the evolution of Mesolithic culture in India with examples of two different sites.

14. Write a short notes on Guha’s racial classification of Indian ethnic elements.

15. Explain Risley’s classification of Indian ethnic elements. Do you think it still holds relevance today?

16. Write a short note on Homo erectus narmadensis (NARMADA MAN).

17. What do you mean by ethno archeology? Explain the recent trends in the ethnoarchelogical studies in India.

18. Compare and contrast Tribal culture and Vedic cultures of Indian civilization.

19. What are the various causes, impacts of population growth in India? Suggest some measures in this regard using studies by anthropologists.

20. Explain the concept of survivals and parallels in Indian culture and their relevance to ethnoarchelogical studies with examples.

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