UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Questions – Test 8

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Test 8 : Anthropology Optional Mains Marathon



1. Write a short note on the concept of rina.

2. What do you mean by Jajmani System? Explain various changes it had undergone today.

3. What are Purusharthas? Do they hold any relevance in the modernized society?

4. Do you think caste system holds relevance today? Explain in keeping mind of recent demands of reservation status from upper castes.

5. Write a short note on the contribution of M.N. Srinivas to the village studies in India.

6. What is Nature Man Spirit complex? Explain the importance of this concept in administration of tribal areas with relevant examples.

7. Explain the concept of sacred complex and its relation to great and little traditions.

8. Define caste mobility. What are the major factors that play role in caste mobility today?

9. Critically examine the concept of dominant caste.

10. Write a short note on Varnashrama model.

11. Critically examine the impact of Buddhism on Indian society.

12. Explain various contributions of S.C. Dube to the anthropological studies in India.

13. Verrier Elwin holds a top most position in the growth of tribal studies in India. Comment.

14. Mention the significant contributions of L.P. Vidyarthi in studying Indian village as a social system.

15. Explain in detail the Risley’s theory of origin of caste system.

16. Write a short note on the Tribe caste continuum.

17. Explain the significant contributions of foreign anthropologists to the growth of anthropology in India with examples.

18. What do you mean by karma? Explain its relation with rebirth cycle according to Hindu social system.

19. Explain the significant impact of Islam on the Indian Social system.

20. Caste is here to stay in the future of India. Comment critically.

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