History Optional Questions – Test 6 : Mains Marathon


Test 6 : History Optional Mains Marathon

Q1. Indian state virtually signed away its independence by signing Subsidiary alliance. Comment. In what way, the system helped British to expand territoriality?

Q2. Trace the development of British Land Revenue policy.

Q3. “East India company became ruler against its own will but when began, it provided immense services to Indians.” Do you agree? Give views.

Q4. Throw light on what is considered “ three revolutions” in Bengal in modern Indian context.

Q5. Clive built up the image of founder but he destroyed it by his own acts. Comment.

Q6. Treaty of bassein gave birth to future Anglo-Maratha conflicts. Comment.

Q7. “We have no right to siege Sindh. Yet, we shall do so and it would be very advantageous, useful and humane piece of rascality.” Comment.

Q8. “Neither Alexander the Great nor Napoleon could win the Empire of India by starting from Pondicherry as base and contending with power which hailed Bengal and command of sea.” Analyze.

Q9. Hyder Ali was borne to create an Empire but Tipu to lose it. Comment.

Q10. Commercialization of agriculture during British rule though not a new phenomenon yet, new. Analyze.

Q11. Socio cultural policy of company does not exhibit consistency. Analyze.

Q12. Regulating act was the first move by metropole to regulate company affairs in India. Comment.

Q13. Dilemmas in imperial attitudes towards india persisted in the first half of 19th century. Analyze.

Q14. There was more change than continuity in the agrarian structure of post permanent settlement Bengal. Do you agree?

Q15. Explain the factors and forces behind the ryotwari settlement.

Q16. Theoretically, the Indian legal system under the British rule was based on the concept of equality before law. Comment.

Q17. Anglo French wars set the direction of relationship of the three major forces present in the country. Comment.

Q18. Trace the decline of Mughal authority as a facet to growth of British paramountcy.

Q19. The system of dual government did not bring happiness or prosperity to anybody rather a state of anarchy became to prevail. Explain.

Q20. Discuss the factors which shaped the education policy in British India.

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