Use of balloons and drones for 5G connectivity

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Source– This post on Use of balloons and drones for 5G connectivity has been created based on the article “Govt conducts successful trial of 5G connectivity by balloons; drones next” published in “Business Standard” on 22 June 2024.

Why in the news?’

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) plans to conduct trials in the coming months to test the effectiveness of using drones and tethered balloons for 5G connectivity. The DoT aims to finalize its decision by June of next year.

About Use of balloons and drones for 5G connectivity

Source: ET

1. The DoT is considering using drones and tethered balloons for restoring 5G connectivity during emergencies and natural calamities when normal telecom services get severely disrupted.

2. Objective: To restore 5G connectivity during disasters and emergencies when normal telecom services are disrupted.

3. This method is considered more convenient and quicker compared to setting up new mobile towers. For this, existing telecom spectrum can be used for these temporary networks. Power requirements can be met through backup solutions or solar technology.

4. The government mandates infrastructure sharing among telecom companies for disaster preparedness, allowing users to connect to any functioning tower in the affected area, regardless of ownership.

5. Operators are required to maintain power backups and have a stock of portable base stations and satellite equipment to restore service if towers are damaged.

About DoT’s disaster management unit

1. The DoT disaster management unit is responsible for guaranteeing telecom connectivity during and after disasters.

2. It ensures network connectivity, provides early warnings, and implements automated priority call routing during emergencies.

3. The DoT coordinates with telecom operators to restore connectivity swiftly, including setting up temporary networks or repairing damaged infrastructure.

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