What is Delphi Method

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  • It is a way of organising the ‘expert’ forecasts about the future.
  • It works by the principle that several heads are better than one, to seek maximum likelihood of some
    future scenarios.
  • Typically a questionnaire is passed on to a number of experts to acquire their independent
  • The information from the first questionnaire is first collated and discussed openly.
  • Questionnaires are redistributed and the respondents are invited to re-evaluate their answers.
  • If a respondent’s answer deviates strongly from the mean then, he/she is asked to justify the stand.
  • The process is repeated until the panel seems to saturate and agree on most factors mentioned in the questionnaire.
  • The technique has been used in transport policy formulation. Example: For San Jose City, CA, U.S.A
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