What the GI tag can mean for the cashew industry in Goa

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Source: The post is based on the article “What the GI tag can mean for the cashew industry in Goa” published in “Indian Express” on 12th October 2023

What is the News?

Goan cashew (kernel) has been granted the geographical indication (GI) tag.

How did cashew come to Goa and become a contributor to the economy?

Cashew was native to northeast Brazil in Latin America and was introduced to Goa by the Portuguese in the 16th century (1570). 

At the time of its introduction on Indian coasts, cashew was known mainly as a crop for afforestation and soil conservation.

However, the economic value of cashew nuts became known about a century after its introduction.

The first cashew factory in Goa started operations in 1926 and the first consignment of cashew kernels was exported in 1930.

By 1961, the cashew processing industry accounted for about 60% of industrial production in Goa, a bulk of which was exported.

What is the significance of Goan Cashew getting GI Tag?

Cashew manufacturers and processors in Goa have said that the GI tag for Goan cashew would help consumers differentiate between authentic Goan cashews and cashews sourced from outside the state which are often marketed as ‘Goan cashews’.

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