White Rabbit Collaboration

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Source-This post on White Rabbit Collaboration is based on the article “CERN launches the White Rabbit Collaboration” published in “CERN” on 22nd March 2024.

Why in the News?

White Rabbit Collaboration
Source- Cern

Recently, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) launched the White Rabbit Collaboration.

What is White Rabbit (WR)?

1. About:
a. It is a technology created at CERN, with input from various institutes and companies, to precisely synchronize devices in accelerators to sub-nanosecond accuracy. It addresses the challenge of establishing a unified time standard across a network.
b. Originally introduced in 2012, this fully open-source technology has rapidly expanded beyond the realm of particle physics.

2. Features:
a. White Rabbit enables sub-nanosecond accuracy within Ethernet-based networks.
b. These networks can be used solely for timing and synchronization in distributed electronic systems or for both timing and real-time data transfer.
c. One of the key features of White Rabbit is its open-source nature and adherence to standards.

3. Applications– White Rabbit is utilized in both the finance sector and various research facilities. It’s also being considered for potential use in the future quantum internet.

What is White Rabbit Collaboration?

1. About– It is a worldwide community that operates on a membership basis, aiming to uphold a high-performance open-source technology that meets user requirements and encourages its adoption by industry.

2. Significance– The WR Collaboration will offer specialized support and training. It will also promote joint R&D projects between organizations with shared interests and complementary skills, while creating a testing environment that builds confidence in products using the open-source technology.

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