World’s largest floating solar energy project in Omkareshwar Dam

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News: The Government of India has announced the construction of the World’s largest floating solar energy project.


  • Floating Solar Energy Project: The world’s largest floating 600 MW solar energy project is to be constructed at Omkareshwar dam on Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Funding: The International Finance Corporation, World Bank and Power Grid have granted in-principle consent for providing aid for the project development.
  • Completion of Project: The project is likely to begin power generation by year 2022-23.
  • Key Features of the Project:
      • The project is to have floating solar panels of 600 megawatts of power generation capacity.
      • The solar panels are to be installed over the backwaters of the Omkareshwar Dam.
      • Solar panels will float on the surface of the water in the reservoir. It will automatically adjust upward and downward based on the water level of the Dam. The floods and strong waves will not have any effect on the solar panels.

Additional Facts:

  • Floating solar: It refers to a solar power production installation mounted on a structure that floats on a body of water, typically an artificial basin or a lake.
  • Types: Two types of Floating Solar can be distinguished:
      • FPV or Floating photovoltaic, that uses photovoltaic panels mounted on the platform
      • Floating Concentrated solar power that uses mirrors that redirect the solar power to a tower.
  • Advantages: a) No land Occupancy b) Higher efficiency than ground mounted solar systems c) Helps in reducing water evaporation among others.

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