“Zhurong” – China’s first Mars rover

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What is the News? The China National Space Administration has announced that it will name its first Mars rover ‘Zhurong’.

About Zhurong:
  • Zhurong is China’s first Mars rover mission. The rover is aboard the Tianwen-1 space probe.
        • Launched in: The rover was launched in the Mars orbit Mission in February 2021 and is due to land in May.
  • Named after: The rover is named after a traditional fire god. The rover’s title also fits with the Chinese name for Mars i.e. “Huo Xing” or fire star.
  • Purpose: Zhurong carries multispectral cameras and instruments to analyze the composition of the rocks. It will also investigate subsurface characteristics with ground-penetrating radar.
  • Landing Site: The expected landing site located in Utopia Planitia. It is the largest recognized impact basin on Mars.
  • Significance: China would become the third country after the former Soviet Union and the United States to put a robot rover on Mars.
About Tianwen-1 mission:
  • Tianwen-1 is China’s first Mars exploration mission. The name comes from the long poem “Tianwen,” meaning Questions to Heaven.
  • Objectives: The mission has three objectives to fulfil:
    • To orbit the red planet for comprehensive observation.
    • Land on Martian soil and send a rover to roam around the landing site.
    • To conduct investigations into geological structure, atmosphere, environment, soil and water of Mars.

Source: The Hindu

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