A new toll collection system

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Source-This post on A new toll collection system has been created based on the article “Introducing a new toll collection system” published in “The Hindu” on 8 March 2024.

Why in the news?

The government is planning to implement a new highway toll collection system based on the global navigation satellite system.

What is the objective of introduction of new tolling system?

Its objective is to provide users the benefit of paying toll only for the actual distance travelled on a highway, or pay-as-you-use. In future, the system may allow barrier-free movement.

A new toll collection system

What is the new proposed highway tolling system, and how will it work?

1) The tolling system will use the global navigation satellite system. It will provide more accurate location and navigation information.

2) Its implementation will involve an On-Board Unit (OBU), or a tracking device, fitted inside a vehicle whose location can be mapped using GAGAN, the Indian satellite navigation system. It will have an approximate accuracy of 10 metres.

3) The co-ordinates of the entire length of the country’s national highways will be logged with the help of digital image processing.  Software will be used to assign the toll rate on a particular highway, calculate the toll amount for a vehicle as per the distance travelled by it, and then deduct it from a wallet linked to the OBU.

4) The system will additionally have gantries, or arches mounted with CCTV cameras, at various points on a highway for enforcement purposes.

Will FASTags be discontinued?

The new tolling system will co-exist with the FASTag-based toll collection. The government has not taken any decision on whether OBUs will be made mandatory for all vehicles or only for new vehicles.

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