Akhaura-Agartala rail link to be inaugurated virtually by PM Modi, Sheikh Hasina

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Source: The post is based on the article “Akhaura-Agartala rail link to be inaugurated virtually by PM Modi, Sheikh Hasina” published in “The Hindu” on 1st November 2023

Why in the News?

The Indian and Bangladesh Prime Minister will jointly inaugurate the Agartala-Akhaura cross-border rail link project.

What is Agartala-Akhaura cross-border rail link project?

Akhaura-Agartala Rail Link
Source- The Indian Express
Countries InvolvedIt is a railway line between India and Bangladesh
ConnectsAgartala in Tripura and Akhaura in Bangladesh 
Distance12.24-kms rail link (5.46 km in India and 6.78 km in Bangladesh)
Historical ConnectionAkhaura used to be the railway link for Agartala during the colonial era

Who’s funding the project?

The final project cost is estimated at Rs 1255.10 crore, with Rs 862.58 crore allocated for works on the Indian side alone.The entire project cost is being funded by India.

What is the significance of Agartala-Akhaura cross-border rail link project?

1.Shortened Routes: The rail link will significantly reduce the travel time between Agartala and Kolkata via Dhaka. 

– At present, the rail route from Agartala to Kolkata is around 1600 kilometers and takes 38 hours.Once the rail link opens, the travel time will be reduced to roughly 10 hours

2.Trade Boost: Expected to boost India-Bangladesh trade in various goods such as agriculture products, tea, sugar, construction items, iron and steel, and consumer goods.

3.People-to-People Connections: Will help foster closer relationships between people from India and Bangladesh.

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