Assam’s Charaideo Maidam nominated for UNESCO world heritage tag: Assam CM

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Source: The post is based on the article “Assam’s Charaideo Maidam nominated for UNESCO world heritage tag: Assam CM” published in The Hindu on 23rd January 2023

What is the News?

Assam chief minister has said that Charaideo Moidams (pyramids) is India’s nomination for UNESCO’s world heritage site status in the cultural category for 2023-24.

Note: There is currently no World Heritage site in the category of cultural heritage in the northeast out of the 32 listed in the country.

What is Charaideo Moidams?

Charaideo commonly known as ‘Pyramids of Assam’ was the original capital of the Ahom Kings.

Charaideo remained the symbolic center of Ahom Kingdom even though the capital of the kingdom moved many times.

Built by: It was built by Chaolung Sukhapa the founder of the dynasty in about 1229 CE.

Located at: This place is located at the foothills of Nagaland. It is situated at a distance of around 30 KM from the historical Sivasagar town in Assam.

Features: It contains sacred burial grounds of Ahom kings and queens and is also the place of the ancestral Gods of the Ahoms.

– Some 42 tombs (Maidams) of Ahom kings and queens are present at Charaideo hillocks.

Architecture: It comprises a massive underground vault with one or more chambers having domical superstructure and covered by a heap of earthen mounds and externally it appears a hemispherical mound. 

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