Mahabali frog waiting for official recognition

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Source: The post is based on the article “Mahabali frog waiting for official recognitionpublished in The Hindu on 23rd January 2023

What is the News?

Mahabali Frog is waiting to be elevated as the State Frog of Kerala.

What is the Mahabali Frog?

Mahabali Frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) also known as Purple Frog is one of the rarest frog species endemic to the Western Ghats.

The frog buries itself all through the year and surfaces only one day to lay eggs.

Named after: It is named after the mythical King Mahabali who visits his people once a year from the underneath world.

IUCN Status: Near Threatened

Significance: The purple frog has been acknowledged by bio-geographers all over the world as one of the rarest kinds and a “once in a century find”.

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