BioTRIG- New waste management technology

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Source-This post on BioTRIG- New waste management technology is based on the article “New waste management technology could improve life in rural India, claims study” published in “Down to Earth” on 28th February 2024.

Why in the News?

A recent study has claimed that BioTRIG, a new waste management technology, could help rural Indians.

About Biotrig

Down to Earth

1. About:  It is a new waste management technology which works on the pyrolysis system.

Note: Pyrolysis is a kind of chemical recycling that turns leftover organic materials into their component molecules.

2. How it works: Waste is sealed inside an oxygen-free chamber. The sealed waste is then heated above 400 degrees Celsius. During this process, useful chemicals are produced.

3. BioTRIG generates three valuable products: Bio-oil, Syngas and Biochar fertilizer.

4) Significance:

a) The bio-oil is a clean-burning alternative to dirty cooking fuels in homes.

b) The syngas and bio-oil facilitates heating and powers the pyrolysis system, and surplus electricity is utilised to power supply to local homes and businesses,

c) Biochar improves soil fertility and helps store carbon.

d) The BioTRIG system could help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from communities by nearly 350 kg of CO2-eq per capita per annum.

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