Can a beluga whale be trained as a military spy?

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  1. Recently,a beluga whale swimming in the Arctic off Norway has given rise to speculation that it is a spy being used by the Russians.
  2. The reason it is being described as a spy is a harness it was wearing, with the words “Equipment St. Petersburg” in English along with a GoPro camera holder.
  3. Other marine mammals are known to have been used for military use, including bottlenose dolphins by the US Navy since the 1960s.A dolphin can identify objects underwater that would be invisible to human divers.
  4. The beluga whale is the Arctic and sub-Arctic aquatic mammal.It is also known as the white whale, as it is the only marine mammal of this colour.
  5. It possesses a distinctive protuberance at the front of its head which houses an echolocation organ called the melon which in this species is large and deformable.
  6. Its sense of hearing is highly developed and its echolocation allows it to move about and find breathing holes under sheet ice.

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