Choppy Waters

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Source: Hindu

Relevance: Understanding UNCLOS and India’s vision of maritime security.

Synopsis: India recently hosted the UNSC summit on maritime security. With such importance being given to the topic, understanding UNCLOS also becomes important.

Problems with UNCLOS: There is friction among many countries because of abuse of maritime rights & disrespect of territorial rights of nations by leading powers like the USA, China, and Russia.

India’s vision of Maritime security

  1. To remove barriers to legitimize maritime trade through cooperation
  2. Peaceful resolution of the maritime dispute based on international law
  3. Collaboration in handling natural disasters and maritime threats created by non-state actors
  4. Preserving maritime environment and resources
  5. Encourage responsible maritime connectivity

India five point framework for Maritime Security


  1. Illegitimate maritime claims by various actions like the entrance of vessels in other state waters.
  2. Unlawful access to maritime resources.

Way Forward

As UNCLOS is the only international convention that provides a framework for state jurisdiction in maritime spaces, India should advocate for ratification of UNCLOS by all major maritime powers like the USA

Terms to know


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