Constitution of Greater Panna Landscape Council

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Source: The post is based on the articleConstitution of Greater Panna Landscape Councilpublished in PIB on 2nd March 2023.

What is the News?

Government of India has constituted Greater Panna Landscape Council(GPLC) under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, Govt of Madhya Pradesh.

Why was the Greater Panna Landscape Council(GPLC) constituted?

Ken-Betwa Link Project (KBLP) is the first interlinking of rivers project under the National Perspective Plan(NPP).  It would be a game-changer for the socio-economic prosperity of the Bundelkhand region, which faces recurrent drought situations.

As part of this project, the Wildlife Institute of India(WII) has prepared a comprehensive Integrated Landscape Management Plan(ILMP) for the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity not only in Panna Tiger Reserve(PTR) but also in surrounding areas.

To ensure systematic and time-bound implementation of ILMP, the Greater Panna Landscape Council(GPLC) has been constituted.

What is the aim of the Greater Panna Landscape Council(GPLC)?

Aim: To ensure a “win-win” situation for conservation through integration with the development process based on a balanced approach and considering the diverse stakes. 

Objectives: 1) To enable the betterment of habitat, protection, and management for flagship species viz. tiger, vulture, and gharial in the landscape 2) To consolidate the landscape for overall biodiversity conservation through spatial prioritization and well-being of the forest-dependent communities and 3) To provide species-specific and site-specific monitoring strategies under the integrated landscape management in context with a feedback loop and adaptive management options.

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