Garima Lohia IAS Topper Rank 2 | UPSC CSE 2022 – Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Garima Lohia IAS Topper Rank 2

Garima Lohia, a name that resonates with dedication, hard work, and success. Garima has become an inspiration for many after securing the AIR 2 in the UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination 2022. Here’s a comprehensive look into her journey, optional subject, background, and the strategies she employed to achieve this monumental success.  

Garima’s answer sheets isn’t just a collection; it’s a revelation. It provides a backstage pass to the meticulous preparation, the intellectual acuity, and the emotional fortitude required to crack the UPSC. Emulating the strategy of UPSC toppers Garima is an invaluable approach to fortify your Civil Services Examination (CSE) preparation. 

As you explore the answer sheets of Garima, you will discover the nuances of answer writing, the art of time management, and the intricacies of subject mastery. 

You can download test copies that Garima wrote at ForumIAS during the UPSC CSE preparation journey. Gain valuable insights from the test copies and testimonials of UPSC toppers, empowering you to excel in your own UPSC journey. 

 You can download test copies of Garima that she wrote at ForumIAS during her Preparation journey. 



Download Test copies of Garima Lohia IAS Rank 2 2022

Garima Lohia Sample MGP Copy – GS Paper

Garima Lohia Sample MGP Copy – GS Paper

Garima Lohia Sample MGP Copy – GS Paper

Garima Lohia Sample MGP Copy – Ethics Paper

Garima Lohia Sample MGP Copy – Essay Paper


Important Highlights About IAS Topper Garima Lohia


Rank – 2

Attempt – 2nd

Optional – Commerce & Accountancy

Graduation – Commerce from Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College

Mother – Homemaker

Cadre Preference – Bihar

Extracurricular activities – Writing essays


Background and Education of Garima Lohiya, IAS, Rank 2

Born and raised in Buxar, Bihar, Garima comes from a business-oriented family. Tragically, she lost her father in 2015, a setback that could have derailed many. However, with the continued support of her family, especially her mother, she remained focused on her goals. Her mother constantly motivated her during preparation. Garima used to stay awake with her. Garima’s academic brilliance shone early on, leading her to pursue her graduation in Commerce from Delhi University’s prestigious Kirori Mal College.

Garima Lohiya enrolled in the following Programs of ForumIAS: 

1) Current Affairs (CA) Classes for Mains 2022

2) MGP+ 2022 Program 

Journey to UPSC Success

Garima’s aspiration to serve the nation and bring about positive change in society led her to the challenging path of UPSC preparation. She began her preparation in earnest during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Unlike many aspirants who flock to coaching centers, Garima chose self-study, leveraging books and online resources. She did, however, enroll in a test series to fine-tune her preparation for the mains.

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Her first attempt at the UPSC prelims did not yield success, but Garima was undeterred. With refined strategies and even more dedication, she not only cleared the examination on her second attempt but also secured an impressive score of 1063 marks.

Preparation Strategy Garima Lohia

Garima’s preparation strategy was comprehensive, ensuring a deep understanding of the Syllabus for UPSC. She dedicated 8 to 9 hours daily, dividing her time efficiently between reading newspapers, mastering fundamental subjects, and honing her essay-writing skills. Her choice of optional subject, was Commerce and Accountancy, which was also her graduation stream.

Beyond books and study materials, Garima drew inspiration from self-help and self-improvement podcasts. An essay she penned on Women Empowerment was even recognized as the “Best Essay” by a UN Forum.

She has also written a letter to us:


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