Eight former Indian Navy officers get death penalty in Qatar

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Source: The post is based on the article “Eight former Indian Navy officers get death penalty in Qatar” published in “The Hindu” on 27th October 2023

Why in the News?

Eight former Indian Navy personnel working for a company in Doha were given the death penalty by a local court in Qatar.

Why have former Indian Navy personnel sentenced to death in Qatar?

Source: Economic Times

The Former Indian Navy Personnel were working for a defence company in Qatar.

This company was involved in training Qatar’s armed forces.It also used to produce high-tech Italian-origin submarines that are known for stealth capabilities.

The former navy personnels have been charged with the offense of spying for Israel on Qatar’s advanced submarines.

What will be the impact of this verdict on India-Qatar relations?

This verdict could impact relations between India and Qatar because:

1.There are over seven lakh Indians in Qatar.

2.Qatar is the largest supplier of LNG to India which accounts for over 48% of India’s global LNG imports. 

3.India also imports ethylene, propylene, ammonia, urea and polyethylene from Qatar.

UPSC Syllabus Topic: International Relations: India-West Asia 

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