Gaganyaan Mission: ISRO is set for first test flight

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Source: The post is based on the article “Gaganyaan Mission: ISRO is set for first test flight” published in “The Hindu” on 21st October 2023

What is the News?

The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) has launched Gaganyaan’s first Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1(TV-D1).

What is Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1(TV-D1)?

Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission 1 (TV-D1) is the first of two abort missions to test crew safety mechanisms for the Gaganyaan mission.

Aim: To check the effectiveness of Crew Escape System(CES) in taking the Crew Module(CM) to safety in case of an emergency during the Gaganyaan mission.


– Flight demonstration and evaluation of Test Vehicle sub systems.

– Flight demonstration and evaluation of the Crew Escape System including various separation systems.

– Crew Module characteristics & deceleration systems demonstration at higher altitude & its recovery. 

Features: The test vehicle is a single-stage liquid rocket.

– It carries the Crew Module (CM) and Crew Escape Systems (CES) along with other components like the CM fairing (CMF) and Interface Adapters.

– The CM is the part where astronauts will stay during the Gaganyaan mission.For this test (TV-D1), an unpressurized version of CM is used.

– The flight will simulate the abort condition.CES with CM will be separated from the Test Vehicle at an altitude of about 17 km. 

– Subsequently, the abort sequence will be executed with the separation of CES, parachutes deploying and eventually, the CM landing safely in the sea.

Significance of this test:  The success of this test flight will set the stage for the remaining qualification tests and unmanned missions, leading to the first Gaganyaan mission with Indian Astronauts.

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