Govt set to frame rules for ride-hailing firms

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  1. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has created a new category of cab aggregators by addressing some of these issues. 
  2. The bill recognizes and defines aggregators as digital intermediaries or marketplaces which can be used by passengers to connect with a driver for transportation.
  3. The central government will soon meet all stakeholders in the industry and frame a broad set of rules on aggregators.
  4. The rules will govern taxi aggregators such as Uber and Ola.It will address issues such as types of permissible vehicles and safety of women passengers.
  5. The rules will also clarify whether such vehicles will be owned by the driver or the aggregator and specify their liabilities.
  6. The rules may cover surge pricing which kicks in at times of high demand or low cab availability.Aggregators may find it difficult to raise prices exorbitantly through surcharges during peak hours or in times of adversity such as a transport strike or heavy rain.
  7. The rules will also clarify whether the aggregator or the driver will be held responsible in case of an accident,crime or any other incident during the ride.
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