Govt sets up ‘war room’ on movement of fertilisers

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What is the News?

The Department of Fertilizers under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has set up a war room on the movement of fertilizers.

What is the issue?

The international prices of fertilisers and inputs have increased to their highest since 2008-09. Due to this, there is an unprecedented shortage of fertilisers both domestic and globally.

What is the Government doing to overcome the shortage of fertilizers?

Earlier, the Government of India used to simply send fertilisers to states based on the month-wise requirements.

But now, the Department of Fertilizers are finding out district-wise requirements and the crops, where sowing is taking place on a real-time basis. The field demand thus assessed is then sought to be addressed by sending fertilizers to those locations.

What are a few important fertilizers used in India?

Urea: Urea is the most widely consumed fertiliser having 46% nitrogen content. It is generally given first around three weeks after sowing, when the crop is in vegetative and tillering stages.

Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP): DAP is the second most commonly used fertiliser in India, after urea. Farmers normally apply this fertiliser just before or at the beginning of sowing, as it is high in phosphorus (P) that stimulates root development.

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Source: This post is based on the articleGovt sets up ‘war room’ on movement of fertilisers published in Indian Express on 21st October 2021.

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