IFPRI Releases “Global Food Policy Report 2021”

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What is the News? The International Food Policy Research Institute(IFPRI) released the Global Food Policy Report, 2021.

About Global Food Policy Report, 2021:
  • Purpose: The report provides lessons drawn from the current crisis. Especially the lessons that can help
    • transform food systems to reduce the impact of the ongoing pandemic,
    • better prepare for future shocks, and
    • address long-standing weaknesses and inequalities.
  • Theme: “Transforming Food Systems After COVID-19”.
Key Findings related to India:
  • Firstly, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the pandemic restrictions resulted in half of India’s poor people deprived of nutritious food.
  • Secondly, the midday meal program of India that covers 80% of primary-school-age children in the country, was affected due to the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Thirdly, 50% of households in India reported that women spent more time fetching firewood and water in comparison with the previous year.
  • Fourthly, efforts of India to incorporate migrant workers into social protection programs were a huge success.
Other Key Findings:
  • The number of poor people living below the poverty line is to increase by 150 million as compared to the pre-pandemic levels.
  • Women accounted for 39% of employment globally. However, they incurred 54% of job losses during the pandemic.

About IFPRI:

  • International Food Policy Research Institute(IFPRI) is a non-profit international research center founded in 1976.
  • Mandate: To provide research-based policy solutions that sustainably reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition.
  • Headquarters: Washington, USA.

Source: Indian Express

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