India begins export of GI certified “Gholvad Sapota”

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What is the News?

There has been an export of a consignment of Dahanu Gholvad sapota (naseberry)  to the United Kingdom from Maharashtra’s Palghar district. This will provide a major boost to future shipments of Geographical Indication(GI) certified products from India.

About Gholvad Sapota:

  • Firstly, the Geographical Indication(GI) certification of Gholvad Sapota is held by Maharashtra Rajya Chikoo Utpadak Sangh.
  • Secondly, the fruit is popular for its sweet and unique taste. The unique taste is believed to be derived from the calcium-rich soil of the Gholvad village in Palghar district.

About Sapota:

  • Firstly, Sapota is a popular tropical winter fruit relished for its sweet flavour. It also has indispensable medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits.
  • Secondly, the fruit comprises soft, easily digestible pulp made up of natural sugars that are in line with mango, banana and jackfruit.
  • Lastly, in India, the fruit is grown in Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka is the largest grower followed by Maharashtra.

Source: Economic Times

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