Law Optional Test 6 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon

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Friends, We are releasing the 6th Law Optional Test, Mains Marathon Optional Initiative.

You will have around 20 quality Questions each week.

By the end of Mains 2017 you will have a good writing practice, if you follow this initiative diligently. Each week of syllabus is designed in such a way that gives you sufficient opportunity to revise and interlink common areas of syllabus. Ask your friends to join, write answers and check each other’s answers. All the best.

Test 6 : Law Mains Marathon

Q1- When does an act amount to  an attempt to commit crime? Is there any difference between general section 511 of IPC and section 307 IPC?If so explain with reasons.


Q2- A suspected his wife to have intimacy with B.One  day, A followed his wife C secretly to B’s house .When A saw them in uncompromised position he killed them with a dagger .Decide the liability of A.


Q3-Define ‘culpable homicide’ and state the circumstances under which culpable homicide amounts to murder.


Q4- What do we mean by sale by sample?Mention the conditions implied in such a sale.


Q5-Discuss the impact on buyers title for goods obtained under void or voidable contract?


Q6-What is sale by description?Can there be a sale by description where buyer has seen the goods?


Q7-What do you understand by goodwill?Discuss rights and duties of partner on sale of goodwill.


Q8-What is the object of registration ?Is it mandatory in Indian partnership ?Discuss the effect of non-registration.


Q9-What are the various modes of dissolution available under law of partnership in india?Distinguish between ‘dissolution’ and ‘reconstitution’.


Q10-Partnership arises from a contract not from  status.Elaborate.


Q11-An unjustified dishonour of cheque is not only a breach of contract but also a tort.Explain.


Q12-Negotiable instruments constitute an exception to nemo dat quod non habet.Explain with the help of relevant case laws.


Q13-A, a robber scales the wall and enters the house of B.B awakened from  sleep.B kills A .decide liability of B.


Q14-”The liability of surety is coextensive with that of the principal debtor”.Discuss.


Q15-What do you understand by “continuing guarantee”? Is it possible to revoke it?


Q16-What is Doctrine of respondent at superior ?Can this doctrine be applied to make principal liable for tort committed by the agent?Discuss.


Q17-Discuss the rights and liabilities of Undisclosed principal.


Q18- A contract of guarantee is not a contract of uberrimae fides.Explain..


Q19-The criminal law amendment bill has substantially changed the law in relation to sexual offences . Briefly discuss  the amendments done .


Q20-What is ‘Stolen property’?Can there be a theft of ownerless property ?Also, mention how the indian law on stolen property is different from english law on stolen property.

All Mains Marathon Optional Questions are updated in this page.

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