Look at per capita: on Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2022 report

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News: Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2022 was released recently.

Recently, Environmental Performance Index 2022 ranked India at the bottom of 180 countries. The findings of the index are not accurate.

EPI does not generally accept information directly from governments. Data is used from multiple sources, including government data. Thus, the ranking does not accurately reflect India’s performance.

EPI shows that India’s performance on air quality is abysmal.

Why EPI findings about India are not accurate?

EPI report must consider following aspects in its findings:

First, almost one in six humans live in India.

Second, India’s cumulative CO2 emissions till 2019 were a mere 3% as against 47% of the US and EU combined. The industrialised nations, which have emitted most of the greenhouse gases are among best performers in EPI.

Third, in terms of per capita GHG emission, India is at 53 and ahead of Norway.

Fourth, India’s per capita energy consumption in 2019 for air-conditioning was just 25% of the world average of 272 kWh.

What steps India should take?

First, as per Pollution Control Board data poor air quality is mainly on account of post-harvest practices in agriculture and natural causes. But, not all farmers burn their stubble, where stubble has an economic value, stubble is not burnt.

Second, cost-effective solutions to reduce the impact of natural causes such as dust need attention right away.

Finally, rethinking the role of public transport is indispensable.

Source: This post is created based on the article “Look at per capita:” published in the Times of India on 8th June 2022.

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