Must Read News Articles – August 11

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GS 1

Social issues

Failing India’s children: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Dropping the no-detention policy in primary and middle school is retrogade.

Is there a culture of honesty in India?: (Live Mint, Editorial)

With several popular anti-corruption movements having fizzled out, can a culture of honesty be brought about by law alone?

A strange hybrid: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Niti Aayog proposal for privatising public hospitals is ill-designed, driven by ideology more than welfare.

GS 2

India and neighbors

UAE joins chorus of concern over Doklam: (The Hindu)

Any military escalation between India and China would be “potentially very disruptive” for the region.

Government policies

Panel moots defence procurement fund: (The Hindu)

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has gone back on its demand for a non-lapsable capital fund for defence procurements, even as the Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on Defence on Thursday asked the Ministry of Finance to work out the modalities for the creation of such a fund in consultation with the MoD.

Do not touch: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Move to re-open debate on Article 35A is unwise — loose talk on J&K’s special status will only deepen distrust.

Development of social sector

Towards a clean-up: (The Hindu)

The Swachh Bharat Mission is a high-profile national programme enjoying extraordinary political and budgetary support. With its subsidy-based mass toilet-building programme, it has put up millions of individual house latrines in rural areas.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Note ban dents RBI income: (The Hindu)

Costs incurred due to the demonetisation exercise dented the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) income resulting in the central bank transferring less than half the funds — known as surplus — to the government compared with the previous year.

Amended Banking Regulation Bill gets elders’ nod: (The Hindu)

It empowers the Reserve Bank of India to issue instructions to PSBs to act against major defaulters.

Britain seeks investments from India in housing, realty sector ‘beyond London’: (The Hindu)

Opportunities also exist in energy infrastructure.

GST and the remapping of India: (Indian Express, Editorial)

New tax regime could bring a shift in production and storage centres. It will require a nimble reading of where markets will grow, their logistical requirements.

Pollution and conservation

No more vehicle insurance without pollution certificate: (The Hindu)

In a decision with far-reaching consequences, the Supreme Court on Thursday directed that vehicles without valid pollution under control (PUC) certificates would not be eligible for the annual insurance.

It’s time to focus on the toxic air we breathe: (The Hindu, Editorial)

NITI Aayog’s draft energy policy ignores the health impacts of energy choices.

Issues related to subsidies

By ’20, petroleum subsidy bill to halve: (The Hindu)

Food subsidy bill estimated to shoot up to Rs. 1.45 lakh crore by FY’20: Centre’s expenditure framework.

Science and Tech

Scientific distemper: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Government’s rhetoric on science has shown limited understanding of its nature and purpose.


Army advances winter exercises in Sikkim: (The Hindu)

Defence sources deny reports of village being evacuated.

Prelims Related News


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