Must Read News Articles – August 19

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India and neighbours

No data from China on Brahmaputra this year

Hinting at China’s responsibility for the current spate of floods across the northeastern States

NHRC issues notice on Rohingyas

They are no doubt foreign nationals but they are human beings, it tells Centre

Neighbours wary as Doklam crisis drags on

Experts say the India-China stando could have a spillover impact on South and Southeast Asia

Government policies 

A healthy partnership (Indian Express, editorial)

Strengthening of public health services must go along with leveraging of private sector resources.

Center-state relations 

Bengal not for central recruitment of judiciary

The West Bengal government on Friday advised the Supreme Court against evolving a central selection mechanism for appointing judicial officers in State subordinate judicial services

International groupings and agreements

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Cause for caution, not gloom (Editorial, The Hindu)

Macroeconomic stability has been a hard-won battle. We must remain mindful of the lurking dangers.

Madness in monetary policy?( Editorial, Indian Express)

In India we have a monetary authority that admits it does not understand inflation—but persists in damaging an already weak economy because it does not understand.

Infrastructure and investment models

Getting charged up (The Hindu, Editorial)

Research and smart trade agreements are needed to realise India’s ambitious electric vehicles target

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