Must Read News Articles – July 12

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GS 1

Geophysical phenomena

Monsoon to cover entire country this week: (The Hindu)

Monsoon rains are expected to cover the whole country in the next week and are likely to strengthen over central India.

GS 2

GS 3

Pollution and Conservation

Sensor network to map and predict pollution, effluents in Godavari: (The Hindu)

Researchers are developing a cost-effective forecast system using cloud networking & remote sensors.

Challenges to internal security

Tough times: (The Hindu, Editorial)

A coordinated security and civil responseis needed to help peace return to the Valley.

Indian Economy. Planning,

  • Growth and Employment

    Getting GST right: (The Hindu,

  • Editorial)

    Why tax exemption on personal hygiene products for women is crucial.

    Startup India’s slow pace worries Govt.: (The Hindu)

    The Centre is concerned about the minuscule number of start-ups becoming eligible for tax benefits under the Startup India programme.

    ‘Banks should give more loans to SHGs’: (The Hindu)

    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday said that banks should divert loans to self-help groups in order to help generate employment in the unorganised sector in the country. Why India must have a new textile policy: (Live Mint,

  • Editorial)

    We need a national textile policy document, an articulation much like the national telecom policy of 1999.

    Prelims Related News

    Earth facing sixth mass extinction:

    Scientists warn that humans are spurring a ‘biological annihilation’ that is coming faster than feared.

    Malabar submarine drills worry China:

    China is closely monitoring the ongoing Malabar naval exercises between India, the U.S. and Japan, in view of the Indian Navy’s growing clout to detect Chinese submarines and surface ships in the Indian Ocean, using newly acquired weaponry from Washington.

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