Must Read News Articles – June 20

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 GS 2

Issues related to governance

End the violence: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Longstanding issues such as the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland in the Darjeeling Hills of West Bengal cannot be wished away with a magic wand.

Legislation and legality: (The Hindu, Editorial)

In the Aadhaar-PAN case, the Supreme Court has effectively held that policy goals override rights.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

An unpredictable voyage: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Prime Minister will be walking on thin ice when he visits the White House.

India, Afghanistan open air freight route: (The Hindu)

Adding a new dimension to bilateral ties, India and Afghanistan inaugurated a dedicated air freight corridor service on Monday. The corridor which passes through the airspace of Pakistan was launched with a cargo aircraft flight flagged off by Afghanistan President Dr. Ashraf Ghani.

India and neighbors

BRICS backs India’s fight against terrorism: (The Hindu)

India on Monday urged the BRICS to step up the fight against global terrorism, amid consensus within the group to back economic globalisation and speak with one voice to counter climate change.

SAARC start-ups meeting to work out mutually beneficial ideas: (The Hindu)

India will host a summit for start-ups from SAARC nations later this year to tap the complementarities that ventures across South Asia may bring to the table.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Anti-profiteering body under GST can take suo motu action: (The Hindu)

The National Anti-Profiteering Authority, to be set up under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, will have wide-ranging powers. It will be able to issue notices to anybody that it feels warrants a “fair enquiry,” as per the rules finalised by the GST Council.

Transfer pricing: rule on adjustment notified: (The Hindu)

The Income Tax Department has come out with rules for operationalising the provisions of secondary adjustment in books of accounts to reflect actual allocation of profits between a company and its arm.

Challenges to internal security

Lessons for investigating terror: (The Hindu, Editorial)

We have been systematically diluting the capacity and skills of the local police forces.

Prelims Related News

Scorpene submarines to join Navy without AIP modules:

Contrary to expectations, the last two Scorpene submarines will roll out of the manufacturing line without the Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system meant to extend the reach of the conventional diesel-electric submarines.

DNA shows early spread of cats in human world:

A DNA study reached back thousands of years to track that conquest and found evidence of two major dispersals from West Asia, in which people evidently took cats with them. Genetic signatures the felines had on those journeys are still seen in most modern-day breeds.


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