Must Read News Articles-October 21st 2019

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GS 2

After Mamallapuram, the reality of asymmetry

The Mamallapuram summit conveyed the message that the leaders of India and China are keen to maintain high level and cordial engagement and dialogue, and project to the world that they are mature enough to manage differences.

A time-tested way to trade away conflict

Revival of cross-LOC trade between India and Pakistan could chart out a peace-through-trade policy between the two countries.

A case for abjuring custodial interrogation

Abjuring custodial interrogation will improve public safety, encourage the police to reject self-incrimination as a tool of investigation and improve their ability to find evidence through modern, scientific and humane means.

India, Maldives to take forward defence ties

India and Maldives will promote defense cooperation in the next few months including the lease of a Dornier aircraft, bringing the Maldives under India’s coastal radar chain network and a broad-based humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) exercise.

Liver transplant registry off to a good start

India’s first voluntary liver transplant registry that started on August 15 has received data of 74 transplants carried out by 11 hospitals across six States.

Centre all set to revamp British-era Indian Penal Code
The Home Ministry is all set to overhaul the Indian Penal Code (IPC) designed by the British in 1860 on the spirit of “ master and servant”.

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