Nod for panel on sustainable development goals

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Nod for panel on sustainable development goals


  1. The Union Cabinet has decided to constitute a high-level steering committee to review and monitor the progress on sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Important Facts:

  1. Currently, the NITI Aayog coordinates work of various departments in taking steps to achieve the targets set for the millennial sustainable development goals (SDGs) spearheaded by the United Nations.
  2. About the SDGs:
  • India along with other countries signed the declaration on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, comprising of 17 SDGs at the Sustainable Development Summit of the United Nations in September 2015.
  • The SDGs are a list of 17 goals, which include the elimination of poverty, ending hunger, ensuring provision of quality education, clean water and sanitation, that countries, including India, must achieve by 2030. These came into force with effect from January 1, 2016.
  • Though not legally binding, the SDGs have become de facto international obligations and have the potential to reorient domestic spending priorities of the countries during the 15-year-period.
  1. Task of the steering Committee:
  • It would recommend measures to “mainstream” SDGs” into ongoing national policies, programmes and strategic action plans to address the developmental challenges.
  • It will also decide if there was a need to “refine” indicators by reviewing the National Indicator Framework (NIF) at the national and State levels periodically.
  • Respective Ministries will be responsible for providing regular information to MoSPI on these indicators at required intervals and disaggregation for national and sub-national reporting of SDGs.
  • Panel will also scientifically measure the outcomes of the policies to achieve the targets under different SDGs.
  1. Advanced IT tools will be used for close and effective monitoring of the SDGs.
  2. Based on statistical indicators, the MoSPI would produce national reports on implementation of the SDGs.
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