PM calls on SCO to act against radicalization

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What is the News?

The annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation(SCO) was held in Tajikistan’s capital city of Dushanbe.

What are the key highlights of the summit?

Dushanbe Declaration: At the summit, the countries adopted the Dushanbe Declaration. The declaration called for an inclusive government in Afghanistan, with representatives from all ethnic, religious, and political groups of Afghan society. It also reaffirmed the need to step up joint efforts to prevent terrorism and its financing.

India Prime Minister on Afghanistan: Indian Prime Minister has raised concerns about the situation in Afghanistan. The important concerns raised by him are:

Firstly, the change of power in Afghanistan is not inclusive and has taken place without negotiation. This raises questions about the acceptability of the new system.

Secondly, if instability and fundamentalism continue in Afghanistan, it will lead to terrorist and extremist ideologies all over the world. Other extremist groups may also be encouraged to seek power through violence.

Thirdly, developments in Afghanistan could lead to an uncontrolled flow of drugs, illegal weapons, and human trafficking. A large amount of advanced weapons remain in Afghanistan. Due to these, there will be a risk of instability in the entire region. 

Fourthly, the concern is about the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, where India is ready to help and be part of any regional or global initiative to help Afghan society.

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