Political Science Optional Questions – Test 2 : Mains Marathon

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Test 2 : Political Science Mains Marathon


Questions:                                                                                                    Total marks: 150

Answer the following in about 150 words each (10 marks each )

1. What is asymmetrical federalism and its relevance in India?

2. Relevance of inter state council.

3. Effect of GST on interstate financial relationship.

4. Digitization leading to more citizen participation.

5. Legacy of British rule on Indian state.

Answer the following (20 marks, 250 words )

6. Mention the convergences and divergences in Gandhian and Ambedkar’s perspectives on modern India.

7. How effective have been affirmative actions in the upliftment of marginalized sections? How can newly suggested constitutional NCSBC (National commission for socially backward class) contribute in upliftment? Highlight the problems of NCBC.

8. Explain the Marxist perspective of Indian national movement.

9. Write the evolution of political reorganisation of states in India since independence. Has it been successful? Critically evaluate.

10. What are the salient features of secularism in India? What challenges it faces in present times? Analyse the role of government towards practicing secularism.

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