History Optional Questions – Test 4 : Mains Marathon

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Test 4 : History Optional Mains Marathon

Q1. Under Mohd.bin Tughlaq, we witness the new orientation of state policy and administration. Discuss.

Q2. Firoz shah Tughlaq is regarded as ideal Muslim king. Critically comment.

Q3. Do you agree with the view that sultan Firoz shah Tughlaq was overshadowed by Mohd.binTughlaq? Evaluate the significance of policies and actions of Firoz shah Tughlaq.

Q4. Discuss the evolution of Iqta system and state the drawbacks of Iqta system.

Q5. Give an account of contributions of Mahmud Gawan to Bahmani kingdom.

Q6. Do you think that the Vijaynagara Empiresymbolizes resurgence of Hindu elements? Discuss the nature of polity of Vijaynagara Empire.

Q7. Discuss the development of temple architecture during Vijaynagara period. Give essential features of Provida style.

Q8. Enumerate the distinguished characteristics of Vijaynagara state system.

Q9. Critically examine the factors responsible for the decline of Tughlaq dynasty

Q10. How far it is correct to say that the reign of Sher shah Suri was transitional period between sultanate of Delhi and Mughal Empire?

Q11. Discuss the evolution of theory of kingship under Mughal Empire.

Q12. In what ways Mansabdari system contributed to the Mughal Empire? Discuss the limitations of system if any.

Q13. Akbar’s Rajput policy was the outcome of vision of pragmatic ruler who was aware of challenge and opportunities standing in front of Mughal Empire. Discuss.

Q14. How far it is correct to say that the Sher Shah was the forerunner of Akbar?

Q15. Trace the evolution of Akbar’s religious views.

Q16. Discuss the factors that shaped Akbar’s Deccan policy. How did it affect the Mughal Empire?

Q17. Bring out the essential features of land revenue system under AlauddinKhilji. What was its impact on state agriculture and peasantry?

Q18. Critically examine the revenue administration of Sher Shah Suri.

Q19. Ain-i-Dahsala system was significant development over the revenue systems developed by previous rulers. Examine.

Q20. Give an account of Cartaz system of Portuguese trading company.

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