Public Administration Optional Test 4 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon

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  • Indian Society (Role of women and women’s organization, Population, Urbanisation, Globalisation and related issues, Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism)
  • Geography – All Topics (Important Geophysical Phenomena, factors responsible for the location , salient Features of physical geography)

Public Administration Optional Test 4

1. Critically examine the positive and negative roles of ideology and culture in administrative development.

2. Why is le droit administrative regarded alongside the Napoleonic Code as the most notable achievement of French legal science?

3. In what way the knowledge of the processes of group behaviour would help a manager? Explain with examples.

4. Democracy and good governance are contradictions in terms. Critically examine (stating examples) the appropriateness of this statement in today’s era.

5. Government has been slow in using modern methods for discovering executive talent. Examine the validity of the statement with reference to recruitment to higher civil service in India,USA and UK.

6. Comparative Public Administration both resembles and differs from modern organization theory. Elaborate.

7. “There is a constant and continuous collision between bureaucratic values and democratic values which adversely affects development.” In the light of this statement examine the role of bureaucracy in development.

8. It is said that the generalist rationale was part of a revealed truth. All of us should have known better, for in a world of increasing scientific and technical complexity, it has compelling inadequacies. Discuss.

9. Do you agree that globalization, liberalization and privatization policies are going to change the very fabric of Indian Administration? What, according to you, are the major challenges before it in the 21st century?

10. ‘Citizen’s charter’ is the most important innovation in the context of promotion of customer-orientation of administration”.

  • Considering the current pattern of question related to Public Administration optional, we need to focus more on Answer writing.
  • As you are aware, no strategy is perfect. So, we request all of you to adopt and have faith with your own strategy. In this content we will focus more on the answer writing.
  • We will try to provide you 10 questions each week till the Mains. The question set would be comprised of all sections of the syllabus (Paper 1 and Paper 2).

Important Points to consider

  • Try to understand the question and read it more than two times to understand what the examiner wants.
  • Answer should be as clear and have quality information.
  • Always try to start with Why aspect and then move to What aspect of question.
  • If possible try to Interlink Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Adding examples from Paper 2 , Quoting thinkers idea , Recommendation from ARC, Punchi Commission etc. would enrich your answer.
  • Do not try to write answer like Essay paper , try to be more accurate with points and keep it small with data and statistics.
  • Your knowledge on Current Affairs matters a lot. You need to add current issue with its solution to your answer.
  • Try to add public policy issue and its solution in every answer.
  • Structure of answer carry more importance .So, focus on structuring of answer.
  • We will try to cover question from many sources like Previous year question papers , various standard books , reports , Current Events . We will try to keep question standard as much as like UPSC .
  • The Plan does not carry any sectional test . It will be a comprehensive test carrying 10 questions from each section of syllabus . Paper 1 will have 5 and Paper 2 will have 5 questions .

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