Railways Completes Arch Closure of “Chenab bridge”

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What is the News? The Indian Railways completes the Arch closure of the iconic Chenab Bridge.

About Chenab Bridge:

  • Chenab Bridge is an Indian railway steel and concrete arch bridge. It is under the construction between Bakkal and Kauri in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Length: The bridge is being constructed over the Chenab River. It is 1315 m long and at a height of 359 m over the river bed level.
  • Part of: The bridge is a part of 272 km Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla rail link project(USBRL). The Northern Railway is constructing it.
  • Features:
    • The steel arch is an important part of the bridge. It consists of steel boxes. It will be filled with concrete to improve stability.
    • The bridge will be able to withstand earthquakes with a magnitude of up to eight and high-intensity blasts.
    • The bridge can withstand high wind speeds up to 266 km per hour.
  • Significance: Once completed, the bridge will be the World’s highest railway bridge.

Source: The Hindu


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