Rupa Tarakasi- GI Tag

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Source- The post on Rupa Tarakasi is based on the article “Odisha: Cuttack city’s silver filigree receives geographical indication tag” published in The Telegraph” on 4th March 2024. 

What is the News?

Recently, Orissa’s famous silver filigree Rupa Tarakasi got a GI tag.

About Rupa Tarakasi

Proud Moment for Odisha as Cuttack’s Filigree Works Get GI Tag
Deccan Herald

1. About: Rupa Tarakasi is one of the most exquisite silver crafts, practised in the Silver City of Cuttack, Odisha. 

2. Origin: The art form has a rich history, dating back as far as the 12th century, and it received considerable patronage under the Mughals. It changed its form with change in ruler.

3. Influence– The craft resembles filigree traditions from places such as Arabia, Malta, Genoa, and ancient Greece, suggesting long-standing cultural exchanges.

3. Process:

i) In this work of craft, silver bricks are transformed into thin fine wires called tara or foils, from which silver filigree is made with all designs called kasi.

ii) While different grades of silver are used in the main metal alloy, the craftsmen also use other metals like copper, zinc, cadmium and tin.

iii) The skilled artisans involved in this filigree work are known as “Rupa Banias” or “Roupyakaras” in Odia.

iv) They create various items, including jewellery worn by Odissi dancers, decorative artefacts, accessories, and religious and cultural pieces.

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