India must keep the momentum of Air India’s privatization going

Synopsis: Adopting policies that boost the market valuations of state-run companies will help government to keep the disinvestment momentum. Introduction After the successful disinvestment in Air India, many want the government to build on this and carry out more strategic disinvestment, i.e., sell more government companies, to the private sector. But that is a very… Continue reading India must keep the momentum of Air India’s privatization going

Online system for aviation safety

Contents1 What is the news?2 About the Voluntary Safety Reporting System3 What is the Voluntary Safety Reporting System?4 What is DGCA? What is the news? The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has introduced a Web-based system on the eGCA platform for voluntary reporting of incidents that pose a potential threat to flight safety. About… Continue reading Online system for aviation safety

Rethink aviation policy

Source: Contents1 Synopsis:2 Background:3 Dismal state of airline sector:4 Problems created by Government:5 Way Forward: Synopsis: The government’s approach to the aviation sector in India has grown messy, confusing, and possibly counter-productive. Background: Recently the director-general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) pointed out that government regulation was slowing the aviation sector’s recovery… Continue reading Rethink aviation policy