Minami-Torishima Island

Source-This post on Minami-Torishima Island has been created based on the article “Japan found enough minerals off a remote Pacific island to fuel its EV plans for over a decade” published in “Business Standard” on 25 June 2024. Why in the news? Researchers recently discovered around 230 million metric tons of minerals crucial for making… Continue reading Minami-Torishima Island

Stromatolites- Geological Structures

Source-This post on Stromatolites has been created based on the article “published in “The Print” on 4 June 2024. Why in News? Recently, scientists discovered living stromatolites which are ancient geological structures formed by algae on Sheybarah Island, located on the northeastern shelf of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. About Stromatolites 1. About Stromatolites: These are… Continue reading Stromatolites- Geological Structures