CDS to chair meet on theatre commands

Context: Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. Bipin Rawat is scheduled to chair a meeting with the Vice-Chiefs of the three services, the Chief of Integrated Defence Staff, and the representatives from the Ministries of Defence, Home and Finance. This meeting is part of a broad plan to create four integrated tri-service (theatre) commands.  Contents1 What is a theatre command? 2 What are the four integrated tri-service commands that… Continue reading CDS to chair meet on theatre commands

Department of Military Affairs(DMA)

News:The Ministry of Defence(MoD) has approved the rules of business for the newly created Department of Military Affairs(DMA). Facts: About Department of Military Affairs(DMA): The Department of Military Affairs(DMA) is headed by the Chief of Defence Staff(CDS). It is the fifth department in the Ministry of Defence(MoD).The others being the Department of Defence, the Department… Continue reading Department of Military Affairs(DMA)